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What do these business people have in common? 

No customers!

Without a website, businesses are being left behind by the competition.  Even established businesses can lose customers due to lack of internet exposure.  It is a well known fact that all businesses need a continuous influx of new customers to stay in business for the long term.  This is where we come in.  Jones Direct Marketing specializes in websites tailored to each business and we can create one just for you!  

Today's businesses need a presence on the internet to compete.  If your business cannot be found on the computer, tablet, or cell phone, your business is INVISIBLE!  

Think about it--where is your phone book or yellow pages book right now?  When was the last time
YOU used those to find what you needed?  

Now ask your employees, your family, your friends...anyone....most will tell you they use the internet to find the mechanic, the office supply store, the hair stylist, the book store, the coffee name it....the list goes on and on.  

Because it is the easiest way, and it is AT THEIR FINGERTIPS!

Websites, especially those that are mobile enabled, are the most cost efficient way of advertising to bring in customers.  It is a proven fact that people who find you on the internet do so, BECAUSE they already need what your business does!  

  • Billboards rely on those driving by to read your ad and remember you when they need you.  
  • Ads in newspapers and magazines are seen by many, but only a handful of those are currently in need of your services.  
  • Flyers, postcards and circulars are often recycled before they are even looked at.

Website searches are done by those currently in need of what they are looking for. You cannot ask for a better targeted advertisement!  Let Jones Direct Marketing create YOUR website NOW!

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